Capture Exhilarating Moment at Playa Sa Celeta Ibiza

Playa Sa Caleta is located at the southern coast of Ibiza near the airport and about 15 minute drive from Ibiza town. The horse-shoe shaped bay of Sa Caleta is located close to Cala Jondal. It is surrounded by adorable red cliffs which shield the cliff against the wind. The beach consists of soft golden sand and pebbles that stretch about 100 meters and meters wide. It slopes down gently to the glistening, clear sea which makes it safe for kids and snorkeling.

Sa Caleta was declared a world heritage site in 1999. It hosts plenty of historical information. There is a picturesque cove that is lined with rustic fishermen’s shed and also houses the ruins of the first Phoenician settlement on Ibiza dating back to 654 BC.

One of the little-known facts is that the beach is actually called Playa Es Bol Nou. Sa Caleta refers to the restaurant located on its cliff top. Currently, it is now used to describe the entire cove. The restaurant operates all year round, and its popularity stems from the locals and specializes in traditional rice dishes and Ibiza fish.

Getting there

You can get to Sa Caleta from Ibiza town by car, on the road, or by bus. Parking is big and free.

Activities at Playa Sa Caleta, Ibiza

Credit to its sheltered location, Sa Caleta is an ideal spot for activities like sunbathing. Additionally, it is a firm favorite for local residents and nudists as well. Facilities include sunbeds and parasols which are available for hire. There is also a beach boutique and a masseur during the summer months for people who enjoy pampering experiences in the sun.

Playa Sa Caleta is also a perfect place for swimming, exploring, and relaxing in the middle of natural surroundings.

At the Sa Caleta restaurant, you can enjoy the best Mediterranean and Ibiza cuisines that are coupled with originality. They also offer quality, good price and services. It’s no secret that this restaurant is synonymous with hospitality and recognized with reputable customers as well as competitors.

The restaurant is a perfect match if you want to try traditional Ibizan cuisine at the comfort of the most charming spot in the island. With homely atmosphere and great service, you will definitely get surprised once your demands have been met.

Couples or partners also have an opportunity to take private and romantic photos at the sunset. So, you shouldn’t miss that high-resolution camera if you are planning to make a trip to this adorable island.

Bars and Restaurants

Apart from Sa Caleta, there are many great hotels at Playa D’en Bosa, and lucrative villas in the San Jose area, only a few away minutes from here.

When to visit

Sa Caleta happens to be one of the few beach restaurants that are open throughout the year. They offer sunbeds in the shadow of junipers and pine trees where one can relax after lunch or dinner.

Visiting during the weekends can be quite tricky because most of the tables at the restaurants are usually reserved.

Playa Sa Celeta Ibiza

You can enjoy sipping a glass of ‘Caleta coffee’ or ‘Ibizan herbs’ with friends or family. The restaurant also offers a relaxing massage every Thursday night. During the summer nights, you can play with the program of live concerts under the star lights.

Final Word

If you are planning to capture an exhilarating moment of a lifetime, Playa, Sa Caleta in Ibiza should be your next travel destination. You will get a golden opportunity to enjoy all the great things offered within this island. It’s a great way to wind up and stay connected with nature.

Awesome Travel Ideas at Mondello Beach Sicily

Welcome to Mondello Beach Sicily

Located just a small bus ride from the center of the Sicilian capital, Palermo, Mondello beach is a small seaside resort that is normally overcrowded but with a sunny atmosphere. Both locals and foreign tourists can take time off their businesses to relax and enjoy sightseeing by the turquoise sea.

The coastline of Mondello once used to be marshy and plagued with malaria until at the end of the nineteenth century when the land was subject to improvement schemes. Wealthy residents of Palermo and Belgian companies started buying up the new, elegant villas located by the beach in the early twentieth century.

Mondello Beach Sicily

Currently, Mondello is more than a beach resort. It’s a lesson in the Sicilian custom, rituals and bonding resort for adolescents. The rows of changing cabins and the soft fine sand are flocked by groups of youngsters just out of school in the large-group socializing that happens to be an Italian norm. Young couples, teenage groups, families, and elderly ladies all unite at the beach to worship the sun and sea.

Getting to Mondello

The cheapest way to get to the amazing Mondello beach from Palermo is through a bus. How do we know? We learnt this from a friend of us the owner of that: there is a seasonal bus that runs from the capital to Mondello from April through October. Alyernatively, you can take a taxi at an extra cost or book a parking ticket if you have your own car.

Activities that Make Mondello Beach Unique

The Mondello beach is extensive and curving, with soft pale sand that slopes gently into the turquoise sea. It is a great travel destination for families, swimmers, and people who love cooling down by wading through the waves. You can confidently hire pedal-boats and enjoy rides up and down the beach as life-guards keep an eye on the water.

You can take up the long stretches of the beach with pastel-colored changing cabins that are frequently rented for any season. There are strips of sand between the cabins or beach establishments that are normally left open for those who love towels or sand to lie on.

There is a road that curves behind the beach that is ideal for a stroll. The most historic sight happens to be the old stone watch tower which dominates the beach resort. You can wander up as far as the harbor where you can find small fishing boats bopping up and down with old men fishing from the jetty.

The striking Art Nouveau building on a pier at the center of the bay, the Charleston, is the symbol of Mondello. It sits in yellow glory over the blue waters of the bay where kids splash around it.

Facilities at Mondello Beach

A good way to take a break away from a city sightseeing is by making a trip to Mondello. If you don’t want to spend much on the trip, the lack of facilities can be quite awkward, although there is much to enjoy. A few hours by the sea can be a great pleasure. What about a beachside shower or getting back to your hotel feeling sandy and damp?

Foods and drinks at Mondello Beach

There is even much more to enjoy. There are stalls with permanent stalls to old men cooking food on the back of ape tracks. You can find good and affordable snacks on the go. They sell seafood and local street food like arancini, pasteries, rolled panelle chick-pea fritters, and deep fried veggies. Drinks include refreshing ice granite, such as mulberries juice.


There are a few accommodation facilities in Mondello for those who want to base themselves near the beach and possibly enjoy sightseeing trips into Palermo. Since Mondello is close to the town, you can come out to the resort in just a few hours. There are self-catering accommodation facilities located near the center and the beach.

An Adventurous Trip in Palanga Lithuania

Destination Palanga Lithuania 

Palanga is one of the best seaside resorts for vocational visits in every season. Local and foreign tourists flock the idyllic 10km sandy beach marked by spotted sand dunes and scented pines. Though normally crowded for the best part of the year, the sandy beach has some charms. It hosts wooden houses, pedal-powered taxis in the air, and ting-a-ling bicycle bells. Among the most attractive sights in Palanga include the Amber Museum, Botanical Park, and Amber Processing Gallery.

Palanga Lithuania

For centuries, Palanga used to be a stretch of Lithuanian Coast which was destroyed by the Swedish in early seventeenth century. In the nineteenth century, Palanga was a Soviet hot spot. Holiday homes and villas nationalized under the Soviets were established from the early 1990s when they were gradually returned to their original owners. The city’s main pedestrian street got a facelift in 2005. It’s the befitting reputation that Palanga is currently enjoying.

Features about Palanga Lithuania

Some of the features that make Palanga a good romantic resort include spacious beaches, wide selection of entertainments, and crystal clean water. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes serving different special dishes and delicacies. The most surprising thing about this city is that it doesn’t host coffee machines thanks to its great respect to traditional methods used in preparation of the drink.

With several amusement parks, the city is simply perfect for family vacations. You can find a wide selection of carousels and rides. Something for your kids too! There’s a Children’s Street where everything has been created for young tourists. There are toy and clothing stores that will as well please the parents other than their kids.

Activities and when to visit

The best time to visit Palanga is in the beginning of the summer season. This will give you an opportunity to participate in Summer Holiday which is celebrated in the first weekend of June. It hosts sports events, discos, and shows. The traditional events are accompanied by trade fairs that are concluded with fireworks.

The city also features amazing conditions for sport events without any restrictions. Other than sports like water bikes, other activities include scuba-diving, beach soccer, and surfing. You can also attend tennis courts, golf courses, or enjoy horseback rides.

A pier built in the late 19th century is one of the city’s landmarks. It’s a favorite strolling space that was destroyed soon after its discovery. Storms often covered the pier with sand, such that it had to be rebuilt again. There is a 470-meter-long stretch that was constructed in 1997 where people enjoy walking today.

The Amber Museum was opened in 1963 and currently houses a majestic ancient palace, which once belonged to Count Feliks Tsyzkiewics. There is a rich collection of amazing amber products that were created by famous jewelers and artists from Lithuania.

The city also hosts a number of religious attractions like the Holy Virgin Mary’s Ascencion Church which was built in 1907 by the famous architect K. Strandman.

Climbing to the Birute’s Hill is another important peak of the region especially in the warm weather. Many interesting stories and legends have shrouded this picturesque place. In ancient times, it is believed that the locals kept a sacred fire on top of the hill. There is a miniature red-brick chapel that was built in 1869 which serves as the main attraction.

The Final Take

There are several exciting things you can do in Palanga. TripAdvisor site is a great place to check out and get some travel ideas from. The cultural attractions to historical sites are some things you should never dare to miss. It’s worth checking out the list of attractions and activities to help you plan a perfect trip. 

Watch a Breathtaking Fiery Sunset in Sao Vincente


Situated on the north-west coast in the north of Madeira, Sao Vincente is considered as a beautiful scenic village on the island. Located between Porto Moniz and Santana this authentic agricultural town is attracting more and more visitors to the region. Visitors to Sao Vincente are treated to some of the best and most dramatic views of the island of Madeira. This peaceful village has just a handful of restaurants and bars where you can relax and take in the beautiful surroundings. Cala San Vincente is ideal for quiet relaxing holidays. The beachside restaurants here serve the freshest fish and seafood on the island.


The Sao Vincente Caves offer an insight into volcanic eruptions. A walk through the caves network of volcanic tunnels gives visitors the opportunity to see the stalactites and ‘lava cakes’ which were formed over 400,000 years ago. The cave complex has a pavilion where you can take in an audiovisual show which recreates the cave’s volcanic geological origins. Sitting inside a large basalt rock at the mouth of the river that runs through the town is the unique Capela de Sao Roque (Chapel) which was built by Inacio de Sousa in 1692.


The older part of Cala San Vincente is set around a shaded promenade and beach which visitors share with the local fisherman. There are three other unspoiled sandy beaches set in the bay at Cala San Vincente, all offering excellent views of the amazing cliffs of the Formentor peninsula. The secluded Cala Clara beach, Cala Molins beach, and Cala Barques beach are connected by footpaths so when you want a change of scenery; it is easy to walk to another beach. Cala Barques is the most popular of the three beaches, offering plenty of watersports and beachside restaurants. All of the beaches have gentle sloping sands and clear, calm, shallow waters, making them ideal for families with small children.

Other activities

The area surrounding Sao Vincente offers excellent hang gliding and paragliding terrain for those seeking adventure. If you still need more of an adrenaline rush, then you can try mountain climbing, rock climbing, and mountain biking or try white water canoeing down the mountain streams. You will also find a broader choice of restaurants and shops along the winding streets and a great market on a Sunday where you are bound to haggle and bag a bargain or two. Cala San Vincente makes an ideal base for exploring the rugged coastline, stunning mountains, and forest-clad hills. However, evenings are more likely to be spent just relaxing and taking in the views over a meal and a glass of wine. If you are looking for more exciting evenings, there is nearby Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia.

With 9 to 11 hours of sunshine during the day in the summer and up to 5 hours of sunshine a day in the winter months, weather conditions are ideal for a relaxing break on the beautiful island of Madeira. If you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing break with quiet, unspoiled beaches and beautiful surroundings, then the beautiful island of Majorca is where to be.