Mark Robens, Esq.: A Profile of a Lawyer Specializing in Family Law and Public Safety

About Mark Robens Esq. – A Profile Article

Mark Robens is an experienced attorney, having practiced law since 1981. Throughout his extensive career, Robens has specialized in various areas of law, including family, public safety and emergency services, employment/labor, mediation, business law/civil litigation and has represented fire departments, fire districts, and law enforcement agencies. This profile article aims to explore the life and career of Mark Robens, his expertise in various legal fields, and his contributions to the legal profession.

The Early Years of Mark Robens

Mark Robens was born in the early 1950s in Colorado. He grew up and attended school in Colorado, where he discovered his passion for law. After completing his high school education, Robens went on to pursue a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, which he completed in 1974. He then proceeded to pursue a Juris Doctorate degree at the University of Denver College of Law, which he obtained in 1980.

Mark Robens’ Legal Career

After obtaining his Juris Doctorate degree, Mark Robens began his legal career in 1981. His initial focus was on family law, where he represented clients in various domestic and matrimonial disputes, including divorces, adoptions, child custody and support matters, and property disputes. Robens has vast experience in navigating the complicated and sensitive terrain of family law, and his clients have always appreciated his professionalism and attentive nature.

Over the years, Robens has also become an expert in other areas of the law, including employment/labor law, public safety and emergency services law, business law, and civil litigation. In his role as legal counsel for fire departments, fire districts, and law enforcement agencies, Robens has helped his clients navigate issues such as contracts, negotiations, regulatory compliance, and internal investigations.


Mark Robens is also an experienced mediator. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that allows parties to resolve their issues outside of court in a more informal and collaborative setting. Robens has helped numerous clients to reach mutually satisfactory solutions to a broad range of disputes, including family law issues, business disputes, personal injury claims, and employment issues. His experience in both mediation and litigation has provided his clients with unique insights and effective solutions.

Contributions to the Legal Profession

Over the years, Mark Robens has made significant contributions to the legal profession. He has participated in numerous bar associations and committees and has regularly provided legal education to his peers. He has also been recognized for his pro bono work in the community and has received numerous accolades for his professionalism and legal services. Robens is dedicated to serving his clients and the profession with distinction.

The Future of Mark Robens Esq.

As Mark Robens continues to practice law, his clients can expect the highest level of professionalism, dedication, and a wealth of knowledge and experience. His reputation within the legal community and his contributions to the profession ensure that his clients will receive excellent legal representation for years to come.


Mark Robens is a highly experienced attorney with over 40 years of experience in various legal fields, including family law, public safety and emergency services law, business law, and civil litigation. His expertise, professionalism, and contributions to the legal profession make him a highly respected attorney. If you need legal representation in any of the areas of law Mark Robens specializes in, don’t hesitate to contact him today.

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