Awesome Travel Ideas at Mondello Beach Sicily

Welcome to Mondello Beach Sicily

Located just a small bus ride from the center of the Sicilian capital, Palermo, Mondello beach is a small seaside resort that is normally overcrowded but with a sunny atmosphere. Both locals and foreign tourists can take time off their businesses to relax and enjoy sightseeing by the turquoise sea.

The coastline of Mondello once used to be marshy and plagued with malaria until at the end of the nineteenth century when the land was subject to improvement schemes. Wealthy residents of Palermo and Belgian companies started buying up the new, elegant villas located by the beach in the early twentieth century.

Mondello Beach Sicily

Currently, Mondello is more than a beach resort. It’s a lesson in the Sicilian custom, rituals and bonding resort for adolescents. The rows of changing cabins and the soft fine sand are flocked by groups of youngsters just out of school in the large-group socializing that happens to be an Italian norm. Young couples, teenage groups, families, and elderly ladies all unite at the beach to worship the sun and sea.

Getting to Mondello

The cheapest way to get to the amazing Mondello beach from Palermo is through a bus. How do we know? We learnt this from a friend of us the owner of that: there is a seasonal bus that runs from the capital to Mondello from April through October. Alyernatively, you can take a taxi at an extra cost or book a parking ticket if you have your own car.

Activities that Make Mondello Beach Unique

The Mondello beach is extensive and curving, with soft pale sand that slopes gently into the turquoise sea. It is a great travel destination for families, swimmers, and people who love cooling down by wading through the waves. You can confidently hire pedal-boats and enjoy rides up and down the beach as life-guards keep an eye on the water.

You can take up the long stretches of the beach with pastel-colored changing cabins that are frequently rented for any season. There are strips of sand between the cabins or beach establishments that are normally left open for those who love towels or sand to lie on.

There is a road that curves behind the beach that is ideal for a stroll. The most historic sight happens to be the old stone watch tower which dominates the beach resort. You can wander up as far as the harbor where you can find small fishing boats bopping up and down with old men fishing from the jetty.

The striking Art Nouveau building on a pier at the center of the bay, the Charleston, is the symbol of Mondello. It sits in yellow glory over the blue waters of the bay where kids splash around it.

Facilities at Mondello Beach

A good way to take a break away from a city sightseeing is by making a trip to Mondello. If you don’t want to spend much on the trip, the lack of facilities can be quite awkward, although there is much to enjoy. A few hours by the sea can be a great pleasure. What about a beachside shower or getting back to your hotel feeling sandy and damp?

Foods and drinks at Mondello Beach

There is even much more to enjoy. There are stalls with permanent stalls to old men cooking food on the back of ape tracks. You can find good and affordable snacks on the go. They sell seafood and local street food like arancini, pasteries, rolled panelle chick-pea fritters, and deep fried veggies. Drinks include refreshing ice granite, such as mulberries juice.


There are a few accommodation facilities in Mondello for those who want to base themselves near the beach and possibly enjoy sightseeing trips into Palermo. Since Mondello is close to the town, you can come out to the resort in just a few hours. There are self-catering accommodation facilities located near the center and the beach.