An Adventurous Trip in Palanga Lithuania

Destination Palanga Lithuania 

Palanga is one of the best seaside resorts for vocational visits in every season. Local and foreign tourists flock the idyllic 10km sandy beach marked by spotted sand dunes and scented pines. Though normally crowded for the best part of the year, the sandy beach has some charms. It hosts wooden houses, pedal-powered taxis in the air, and ting-a-ling bicycle bells. Among the most attractive sights in Palanga include the Amber Museum, Botanical Park, and Amber Processing Gallery.

Palanga Lithuania

For centuries, Palanga used to be a stretch of Lithuanian Coast which was destroyed by the Swedish in early seventeenth century. In the nineteenth century, Palanga was a Soviet hot spot. Holiday homes and villas nationalized under the Soviets were established from the early 1990s when they were gradually returned to their original owners. The city’s main pedestrian street got a facelift in 2005. It’s the befitting reputation that Palanga is currently enjoying.

Features about Palanga Lithuania

Some of the features that make Palanga a good romantic resort include spacious beaches, wide selection of entertainments, and crystal clean water. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes serving different special dishes and delicacies. The most surprising thing about this city is that it doesn’t host coffee machines thanks to its great respect to traditional methods used in preparation of the drink.

With several amusement parks, the city is simply perfect for family vacations. You can find a wide selection of carousels and rides. Something for your kids too! There’s a Children’s Street where everything has been created for young tourists. There are toy and clothing stores that will as well please the parents other than their kids.

Activities and when to visit

The best time to visit Palanga is in the beginning of the summer season. This will give you an opportunity to participate in Summer Holiday which is celebrated in the first weekend of June. It hosts sports events, discos, and shows. The traditional events are accompanied by trade fairs that are concluded with fireworks.

The city also features amazing conditions for sport events without any restrictions. Other than sports like water bikes, other activities include scuba-diving, beach soccer, and surfing. You can also attend tennis courts, golf courses, or enjoy horseback rides.

A pier built in the late 19th century is one of the city’s landmarks. It’s a favorite strolling space that was destroyed soon after its discovery. Storms often covered the pier with sand, such that it had to be rebuilt again. There is a 470-meter-long stretch that was constructed in 1997 where people enjoy walking today.

The Amber Museum was opened in 1963 and currently houses a majestic ancient palace, which once belonged to Count Feliks Tsyzkiewics. There is a rich collection of amazing amber products that were created by famous jewelers and artists from Lithuania.

The city also hosts a number of religious attractions like the Holy Virgin Mary’s Ascencion Church which was built in 1907 by the famous architect K. Strandman.

Climbing to the Birute’s Hill is another important peak of the region especially in the warm weather. Many interesting stories and legends have shrouded this picturesque place. In ancient times, it is believed that the locals kept a sacred fire on top of the hill. There is a miniature red-brick chapel that was built in 1869 which serves as the main attraction.

The Final Take

There are several exciting things you can do in Palanga. TripAdvisor site is a great place to check out and get some travel ideas from. The cultural attractions to historical sites are some things you should never dare to miss. It’s worth checking out the list of attractions and activities to help you plan a perfect trip.